Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Handmade Ark Flood Appeal

It's been quite surreal in Brisbane today.  We woke to sunshine and a beautiful (but very humid) summer's day, but yet in the knowledge that we were being flooded with the worst still to come.  The rain is no longer the issue, but rather the wall of water raging down from the catchment areas that will meet with high tides.  It's so hard to imagine as the hilly suburb I live on is rather dry, but yet much of the one next to me has gone under.   

I had to go out briefly to get supplies and the usual bustling streets were like a ghost town.  Most people were either heeding the requests to stay at home if they could, or like many, were cut off.  A number of the cars that I did see where filled with peoples belongings.

In Brisbane, we've been luckier in some ways than our neighbours a few hours west, in that we've had warning of what was, and still, is coming.  People have had a little time to evacuate and some to take a few precious belongings.  The flood is predicted to peak tomorrow morning at 4am, rising another metre above what it already is.  They say the waters will stay that way for about 12 to 18 hours before they begin to recede.  Close to 20, 000 homes are expected to flood, many businesses lost too.  Many people will lose everything they haven't been able to take with them.

Out west was worse.  The water came in what they are describing as an "inland tsunami".  It rose suddenly without warning taking cars, houses, entire farms, stock and crops, and so sadly, people, with it.  I'm haunted by an image I've seen on tv of a 4wheel drive rushing down the raging water like a paper boat before being dragged under.  There are stories of some of the lives lost, that I just can't bear to share here.  They break my heart.  Some of these towns had just begun the cleanup from the flood they suffered only a couple of weeks ago.  

The waters will begin to recede in a couple of days and then the clean up can begin.  Then those who have lost everything can start to rebuild their life.  

The BrisStyle group would like to help these people by contributing to the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal, and we are hoping others can help as well.   Many members are donating items from their stores, with all the sale proceeds going directly to the fund.  

I have four pieces to donate so far; 

For more information on the Handmade Ark Appeal and for more items being donated, please visit the BrisStyle blog.

To donate directly to the appeal, please visit here.


K and S said...

been keeping tabs with the news here, the floods are just terrible! praying for those involved.

Thea said...

It is heartbreaking! And I still can't believe it's really happening. Which suburb near you is under? I can't even think.

Shelley said...

Hi Melanie,
Thank you for your post. As usual this started me thinking.... and I've decided to donate my Jan sales proceeds (at my eBay store) to the flood appeal.


Fingers crossed the worst will soon be over, so those affected can start rebuilding their lives.


Baa-Me Kniits said...

Glad to hear that you are safe and well if not a little shell shocked! Hope the worst is over for you. It is awful what they are showing on the TV, I am checking out my information more on the internet so I can sensor it before the boys see it. Take care, thinking of you xx

Maestra Orquestra said...

Praying that this horrible event comes to an end soon. That you for sharing this account. As an America, I've been watching this on the news daily, but your accounts have really made it much more real.

Anonymous said...


Just wanted to say I am very sorry to hear what's happened in Brisbane. My prayers to those affected by the flood.

--Doug from the US

P.S. Stumbled on this lovely blog coincidentally and noticed the connection to Brisbane.

Jenny said...

Glad you are safe-it s just so unbelievable and devastating


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