Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dear Mr Birthday Present Fairy

Dear Mr Birthday Present Fairy (aka The Man),

As you know, my birthday is coming up in a bit over a month.  You say you often find it hard to choose a present for me, so I thought I'd start giving you some hints.

I think this mug is super cute.  It has a tea strainer with it too, so it could fit nicely together in the cupboard and I wouldn't have to complain to you that you always put my tea strainer in places that I can't find it.  I know I already have some gorgeous mugs, but I do drink lots of tea.  And besides, those TimTam cups do need to go, rather than to always remind me that I can't eat them anymore now that I can't eat gluten.

I also think this pencil case is really sweet.  I just love how Red Riding Hood is asking the wolf, "Why is your mouse so big?"  It reminds me of my Japanese students who I miss so very much.  And I do have lots of pencils that need somewhere nice to live.

When I find some more things that I like, I'll let you know shall I?

Love Melanie

PS.  I have been trying to be a very good girl this year, so I hope that counts.

PPS.  Thank you to this lovely lady for the link to this store.

PPPS.  The photos are all borrowed from the site I found these on.


K and S said...

hope the birthday fairy brings you everything you wish for, I find that most times I need to go out and buy myself what I want instead of giving hints :)

Unknown said...

They are cute. I am a little afraid of clicking on the link to the store...

Little Cooties said...

oh dear..... I clicked on the link and now am going to have to buy something!!! doh!

Tooo cute!

esther said...

Hi Melanie,I cant eat gluten either and miss those delectable Tim Tams. Coles stocks 'Leda Choculence' biscuits in the Health Food aisle. They're the closest thing I've found to compare.

kerilyn said...

Very cute :)
Now that you are through your trials and no longer eating gluten I am sure you have found some options, if you are still looking for ideas I would recommend a cookbook by Ariana Bundy called sweet alternative. I have cooked some things out of it for gluten-intolerant friends and enjoyed them myself, some very delicious recipes in there! There are many I have yet to try, some of the ingredients seem hard to locate (she's american so some are easier to find there I would think and I tend to reduce the sugar a little) but many of the recipes can be made with ingredients I located at a regular supermarket. There are also more ready-made options than there used to be which is great :) doesn't replace the things you cannot have but at least gives you yummy alternatives.

Nicole said...

why is your mouse so big? - so cute x

Kellie Christie said...

I saw the tea mugs in Borders the other day.


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