Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Bookcase Tour Tuesdayish - 2011 Japanese Nengajo Book

The day late but just arrived version of Bookcase Tour Tuesday.

A couple of months ago, I showed a Japanese Nengajo Sourcebook - a book that comes with a CD-ROM filled with designs to create New Year's postcards.  The lovely Melanie from Crafty Japan (with a name like Melanie, how could she not be lovely) was kind enough to pick me up a copy for 2011.

She did a great job at choosing one for me with a good mixture of traditional and cute.  One quick flip through the publication and you'll soon realise that 2011 must be the Year of the Rabbit.  There are so many cute bunnies adorning these pages.

I was really drawn to the gorgeous colours in some of the designs.

This phoenix is just spectacular!

With most of the main designs, it appears that you're given three options, one with just the picture, one with the basic greeting and one with a full greeting.

I'm tempted to just print this teapot and cup image and frame it.  It's stunning.

There are a number of papercut designs in this one too.

And the part of the book that I've always found really useful - the Japanese script.  My Japanese writing is awful, so even though every year I'd create my own design (usually a photo), I'd use the book to for the Japanese greeting.

You can read a little more about nengajo and Japanese New Year traditions here (though be prepared for the red background on the site).


Now I haven't checked with Mel yet, but if you'd like a copy, maybe if you ask her really nicely, she might be able to pick you up one on a special order...


Christina Conway said...

lovely!!! What was the cost of this book? I'm very tempted to inquire about getting a copy from your great resource :) Thank you for sharing.

vicki from in.cube8r said...

What an amazing book - lots of different things to look at - so stimulating for the eyes!! ;)

Crafty Japan said...

Hi Mel,

I'd be happy to help anyone out who needs one of these gorgeous books :) The price will be $25, plus shipping.

Feel free to contact me at the link Melanie provided or leave a comment here with your email and I will get back to you.

Please try to let me know ASAP as we're leaving Japan around the 20th December to spend Christmas with family overseas.

Thanks again Mel :)

SomedaysSarah said...

Oh dear... it's that time of year again, must get cracking on making my New Year's cards. Thanks for the inspiration!


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