Saturday, November 27, 2010

How to Have a Normal-ish Weekend - Part One

This weekend, for the first time in what feels like a very long time, I have both Saturday and Sunday market-free.

My plans of going to a Christmas meet-up were foiled by the little one waking up with a cold.  It hasn't slowed her down much, but the nose is runny enough for me to not want her to share it with any other littlies there.  This girl's a hugger, she loves to go up to random people (especially older boys) and give them big hugs whether they like it or not. So chances are, she would share the cold.

Instead, our little three-piece family went for a yummy cafe breakfast and a bit of a drive.

We dropped in to see the girls at the Nook Pop Up shop.  Their stall looked lovely.

I know I should be thinking about presents for other people at this time of year, but instead, I added a few pieces to my own wish list...

I've always loved Jetta's Nest's "Sew or Die" artwork...

...and Chrissy Foreman C's fabric necklaces are so cool, I especially love that giraffe!

But I kind of have my eye on this one...

And Dash Robin's bird brooches are just adorable.  Don't you love the cards they've been packed on?

Once we got home, the little one was all tuckered out, so I took a few peaceful moments to flip through the latest Frankie magazine.

And then onto some playing before some more serious order-filling work...

You might remember a little while ago I was playing with this three piece brooch idea, so here it is, the first one.  It was only "blog ready" when I took this photo, once the glue on the brooch backs have set, I'll take a photo of how it looks on.

And then there's this one.  I call it "Evolution of Crane", a concept I've been thinking about for a while now.  But do you get it?  Does it make sense?  The man doesn't think so.

It's been built up of parts, patterns of how to fold a crane... I'm thinking of making the bits into a necklace like this...

 So how's your weekend?  Is it a normal-ish one?  Doing anything fun?


dash robin said...

It was lovely to meet you properly and thanks so much for your mentions of us! I can't wait to check out your stall at next weeks market, am very excited by the thought of those teapot brooches.I adore your work and totally 'get' the crane design- it's freakin' cool- I can really see it working as a framed picture too!

Lauren said...

Love it! I 'got' it too...I think it's a man thing. Is it acrylic?

Tania said...

I got it in one - before the explanatory necklace. I reckon the notion is FABULOUS.

Red Hen (dette) said...

Men! ;)
Hope your little one improves soon. I had a laugh about her cuddling everyone, my Bantam Boy was like that but with the young ladies. He charmed waitresses left right and center!
This weekend I finished the crochet part of my bag and I'm about to spring clean my bedroom as I've bought myself a new bed which will arrive next week I hope- A pretty boring weekend actually.
You seem to have markets a go go where you are! We don't have a lot here in WA certainly not during the year. Next week we have our most popular Artisan Market of the year it's called the Bazaar at the Fremantle Art Center I'm looking forward to that one- Unfortunately because of work concerns and focusing on my kids and their studies I'm not participating in any markets again this year. I miss it actually.

Chrissy Foreman C said...

Oh YAY! Thanks for the mention lovely Mel!
I TOTALLY get the evolution of a crane and I freaking LOVE it!
You are such a gem of multi-faceted creativity!
Great pics by the way (of course)

Trudy said...

That crane as a necklace is a great idea! Did you end up making it?


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