Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bookcase Tour Tuesday - Printing By Hand

I just love fabrics and paper that have been hand printed.  Like anything handmade, there is something magical about it.  It's as if there is still a breath, an essence of the artist's energy that's been infused into it.

This lovely lady was kind enough to lend me Printing By Hand by Lena Corwin a while back and I jumped at the chance when it was looking for a new home.

Before we look inside the pages, I have to show you one thing I really love about the book - the way it has been bound.  It's done with a spiral so the pages sit nice and flat while you're working on a project, and then it's in a hard cover so that spine is easy to read on the bookshelf and it stands up all nice and straight.  I really wish more craft books were bound this way.

The book is divided into four chapters.  

Chapter One, Getting Ready to Print, covers what to print on, designs, printing methods and inks.

Chapter Two, Stamping, uses custom rubber stamps, foam and carved rubber blocks.  There are two projects for each type.

This stationery is so sweet.  It would be a lovely way to get back into snail mailing.

And this Japanese inspired Furoshiki would be perfect for the upcoming gift giving season.  A lot less paper to be thrown out that's for sure.

She shows you a simple way to tie the wrap.  You can see a lot more wrapping ideas here. The instructions in the book are clear and beautifully photographed.

Chapter Three, Stenciling, shows you how to use freezer paper, contact paper and mylar to create your custom designs.

This chair cushion cover is really stylish...

... and I have some old furniture for the little one that I want to do up... something like this would be gorgeous for her room!

And if only the landlords would let me do something like this with our walls...

The last chapter is all about screen printing.  For its six projects it uses paper stencils, drawing fluid and screen filler and photographic emulsion.

For a while now I've been looking for a new doona cover but haven't found one I like.  I'm not ready to dive into quilting yet, so a project like this would be great.

While Lena guides you though and encourages you to create your own designs, she also very kindly provides patterns all neatly folded in an envelope adhered inside the back cover.

And let's just take a final look at that beautiful and practical binding...

Printing By Hand by Lena Corwin: ISBN978-1584796725

If you're wondering about the beautiful fabrics in the first photo, the red crane fabric is by Auntie Cookie and the blue clouds are by Red Reed Studio.

If the book has whet your appetite for something more and you're in Brisbane, both Thea and Sami and Red Reed Studios have great classes on offer.


Kate said...

It is such a great and inspiring book.
Thanks so much for the review. I think I might have to pull my copy down from the shelf and get inking.

Hana said...

The book looks divine! I have been umming and ahhing about getting it off for ages! You have just inspired me to go it. Thanks.

Lauren said...

Gorgeous book! Can't wait to see what you create

Sandrine said...

THanks for the review Melanie, I have been eyeing it for a while...might be on my santa wish list? :)xx

esther said...

This book looks gorgeous. I love the chest of drawers, so perfect for a little-one's room (and a big-one too!)

MA said...

What a great book. I love printing by hand and recently bought me some great ancient wooden carved stamps from Persia. But I yet have to try them...
Greetings from Germany,

Hila said...

hey melanie, long time no speak! how are you?

Tania said...

You had me at the spiral binding...!

ellie said...

Oh yeah, I do love this book. Simple lines and designs really do look best when printing by hand.

{Thanks for the mention of our workshops as well...}.

- E xx

Red Hen (dette) said...

The yellow drawers are delightful.

Brisbane Printers said...

this is something that is so delightful to go through with


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