Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bookcase Tour Tuesday - Japanese Patterns

Japanese Patterns is the newest addition to my book collection.  So new in fact that it just arrived today.  And how much fun is it to get a new book and share it with some friends.

This book is another cd-rom sourcebook.  Other than outlining the permissions for use, the book doesn't contain any text.

From the looks of it, I believe that all the patterns contained in the book are from Ise Katagami paper stencils, or digitally enhanced versions of them.  Katagami were all hand cut by craftsmen and it's truly amazing how fine these works of art are!

In the larger blank areas you can see very thin lines creating a very open cross-hatch.  These were done with fine pieces of silk, or I believe, sometimes even human hair.

These stencils were then used to print kimono textiles. 

The motifs in this book are all very traditional.  There are a lot of cranes, carp, butterflies, fans and flowers.

I love this second plum blossom pattern.  It has quite a painted feel to it.

And I can just imagine the dramatic effect this wave and swallow pattern would have had on a kimono! 

Japanese Patterns ISBN 90 5768 020 3

Looking through my posts, I realised that I've never photographed my favourite stencil in my collection that The Man had framed for my birthday a few years back... I'll remedy that soon.

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