Friday, October 01, 2010

Flick Faves on a Friday - Little Red

When I was little I remember going to stay with my cousins down south.  To be honest, I don't remember much about the trip.  I remember the stickers that my sister and I wore on our dresses so that the air hostesses knew to look after us as we were flying down without our parents.  I vaguely remember the corduroy dress that I wore that my  mum had made.  It was purple I think. And I remember one of my cousin's dolls.  I thought it was the best doll I had ever seen and still search for one just like it to this day.

It was a Red Riding Hood doll and she was wearing a long skirt, or maybe it was her red cloak that was long.  When you flipped the skirt up and put it over little Red's head, there was the wolf.

I thought it was just fantastic, and to this day still do.  For years I looked for one, but of course, then didn't have google at my finger tips.  I found out today that they are called "topsy turvy" dolls.  In my hunt, I came across a number of vintage ones, but to be honest, a lot of the wolves were pretty scary.  However...  If I could knit, I wouldn't mind making this one... I found that Soule Mama had one with a similar idea.... and was tempted to get  this vintage pattern.

But really, all these cute Red Riding Hood and Wolf designs make me think... maybe I should design a softie version of my own.  If I could actually get myself organised in time, it could be my Softies for Mirabel contribution.  What about you, was there a toy in your childhood whose memory has stayed with you?


humel said...

My daughter has one of those dolls!! Except it also incorporates Granny - you flip the skirt over to make Granny, and swap Granny's bonnet from the back of her head to the front to turn her into the Wolf :-)

Mandy Crandell said...

These are so great!

Kawaii for You said...

Love those flip over dolls - my girls' great aunt knitted them one each for Christmas a couple of years ago and I'm sure I've seen a Little Red/Bad Wolf one somewhere... will rack my brains to see if I can remember! Love that dress kit too and that Little Red stamp! Oh my gosh, I wish they sold that stamp! Hope all is well. Christine xo

Shireen said...


Just read your post and I am assuming it is my red riding doll you are talking about. I still have it and have kept it in perfect condition. I can't remember who gave it to me, will have to ask Mum



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