Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Bookcase Tour Tuesday - Fruits

Do you have a book that you've owned for years, have paged through countless times and each and every time you do, you find something new that you hadn't noticed before?  Fruits is one of those books for me.

This book is jammed packed with funky Tokyo street fashion portraits by photographer Shoichi Aoki.  All the models are people he has found on the street, and photographed in their chosen outfits for the day, especially in areas like Harajuku.  On the weekend, the streets of Harajuku are rich with colour and I've been know to snap a fashion photo or two of my own there.

I've had this copy for years, and have recently pulled it out for inspiration for my next jewellery range.  I'm feeling the need for something fun, colourful and quirky in my life.

On the bottom of each page it gives the name and age of the person as well as the source of the clothes.  While there are numerous designers listed, there are also many handmade and second hand clothes that were photographed.

The photographer has also asked the model two questions; "Point of fashion" and "Current Obsession".  

Some of my favourite responses to "Point of fashion?" are; "fluffy alien", "explosively cheap", "being selfish", "harmony and unity", "space hunter", "jingling socks", "image of a milkman", "a weird nurse", "the monkey on my back", "flaming pink" .... oh who am I kidding, that's only answers from the first part of the book!

"Current obsessions" listed include; "eating nikuman dumplings until I fall over", "chocolate banana and dyeing fabric", "hemming by hand" and many people said "making clothes".

The book is actually a compilation of images from the Japanese fanzines of the same name.  I was lucky enough to get my hands on a few second hand copies when I was in Tokyo last.

There has also been a sequel of this book published, Fresh Fruits.  That one's on my wish list!

Fruits: ISBN 0714840831

There is one more week left to enter my Bookcase Tour giveaway.  Thanks so much for the responses so far!  I've really enjoyed reading them and getting a little direction on the direction of these posts.


Melissa G said...

Oh! I have this book and it is wonderful. Sometimes when I am struggling for inspiration I turn to this book for visual stimulation.

Thea said...

I have this book and the sequel too. Must go and look through them again. Much fun. x

Fat Chick Design said...

I have3 had both of these on my wishlist for ages,I must move them to my basket!

Patricia said...

ah.... I think my eyes would roll like chameleon eyes If I ever went to Japan... have not heard of this book but I´m loving it! thanks for sharing!


Lauren said...

Love these pics. So much inspiration!

Anonymous said...

lots of inspiration in those photos! The book is not one i've heard of before, thanks for sharing.

Lauren said...

that is so great! I do have a few books like that! especially if you haven't looked at it for a while!
Happy Blogtoberfest!

spindelmaker said...

Oh yes, this is one of my favorite books. And they have a magazine too? Ah, one should live in Japan...! :-)


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