Thursday, September 09, 2010

A Wish a Day - Day.... Five?

Today's Wish: May time always be your friend.

Today's Paper: Taken from last year's diary, pages include the day the little one was born.

Number of Cranes: 29. One for each hour of the day + five more for the extra hours a friend pointed out it would nice to have.

Cranes to date: 34

Ummm... could we just pretend that today is really day five and that I didn't miss an entire week of my Wish a Day - especially before I'd even completed a week! It can be our little secret.

Time just seemed to have run away from me over the last week. What with preparing for markets, a market, then a market day that turned into a sick day, then another, then catching up on things after market and sick days. All is good now though and I'm back on track. So little one, my wish to you today, may time not run away without you.

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