Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Creative Space

I'm making a list and checking it thrice. No I haven't suddenly taken on the job of a certain Christmas benefactor, but I'm working hard at filling orders from last week's trade fair.

The process is a little different to making stock for markets and my poor neglected Etsy store, for these I'm having to be much more methodical, making sure I don't miss any designs out. Different but still fun!

For more creative spaces, Kootoyoo is the place to go.


74 Lime Lane said...

love all your bits and piece! congrats on a successful trade fair!

Cathie said...

love your colourful creations Melanie!
let me know when you have some gorgeous girl brooches in the shop, I'd love to buy one.
happy creating

Tamara | One Craftee Mumma said...

I spy some cute Hoots amongst that mix! Looks great!

Michelle said...

Oh you are so busy and productive. What an inspiration!

Snooze said...

congratulations on your success. i love hearing how well peole are doing at the markets etc.
My Creative Space

Kathryn Mitchell said...

Ah thats so great to have orders to fill like that :) Good on you

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Glad to see the trade fair was a success. Good luck in getting all those orders filled. I have some of that kokeshi fabric - it is gorgeous.


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