Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Middle of a Makeover

It's been rather quiet on this blog of late... don't be fooled in thinking that it's because not much has been going on in the land of Kimono Reincarnate... quite to the contrary.

I'm in the middle of a makeover... new logo... new packaging... new designs, all very exciting stuff. I can give you a little peek at how it's coming together...

... my new logo design by the fabulous Julia from A Creature Strange.

In the meantime I've also been busy preparing for the always exciting BIDM this Saturday. If you're in Brisbane, I hope you can pop down and join in the fun.


Bel said...

LOVE the new logo, very nice!

Anonymous said...

Me too LOVE IT so stylish and simple great work Julia..

Good Luck for Saturday!!!


Sandrine said...

Ooooh that is exciting!I though all your stuff were already so beautifully packaged and presented! x

Anonymous said...

gorgeous new logo design!
and yay! to makeovers. i tend to do them a lot. :)

Thea said...

I love the new logo. I can't believe that I can't make it to BIDM again. I am teaching a class. Hopefully, next time. See you soon. x

Chicken Willow said...

Love the new logo!


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