Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Softie on a Saturday

This morning I was lucky enough to go to a Softies class run by Teneale of Wicked Child Designs fame.

My blanket stitching was a bit dodgy...

But turned out the right way and stuffed the stitching didn't show too much. I can't take credit for the lovely neat stitches around the eyes, Teneale had them pre-done for us when we arrived.

Once home, "Little Red" got an instant seal of approval with lots of cuddles and lots of loving sucks.


Unknown said...

lots of awesomeness here ... with the softie, the red, the bub and the Teneale factos ... awesome ... awesome..awesome and job well done Mel

Red Hen (dette) said...


Chicken Willow said...

How cute are they!!

Sandrine said...

Very cute little red softy Mel, and I love the last pic with little fingers grabbing it!X

Cathie said...

that's fantastic!!
I think I need to do a softie making workshop aswell, looks like fun.


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