Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Break with a View

Up a steep and windy driveway in the mountains of Montville, our little cabin was nestled into the rainforest. Our home away from home for a few days last week was adorned with decks and windows on all sides so that our eyes could feast on the heavenly view from all angles. At night, snuggled up in bed I could see the stars through a window in the gables.

Each day we ventured out from our hideaway for a few hours. We had delicious lunches with breathtaking views. The sweet potato and fennel mash served under succulent lamb chops at King Ludwigs will have me going back there again in a heartbeat.

We took leisurely strolls around the towns of Maleny and Montville, family walks in the park and the Man challenged a steep 5km hike down to Konadilla Falls, not a bad achievement during a short break from chemo.

In the afternoons I got some quiet crafting time on the bed while the Man and the little one played on the floor nearby.

There were afternoon naps and late morning sleep-ins.

During the trip I found my new favourite spot in the area, Elements at Montville. It's a gorgeous little teahouse and homewares shop filled with funky finds, with an Asian flavour. A stop in there on the last day, myself with a pot of Blue Mountain tea, the Man with Genmai-cha, was the perfect way to end our stay.


K and S said...

beautiful get-away! you guys deserved it!

Hot Fudge said...

I absolutely love this part of the world - I think it's time for another fix. I'm glad you had such a lovely break.

Selina said...

Sounds like a very well deserved fabulous few days. Glad you all enjoyed it so much!

Jenny said...

What a truly wonderful spot to spend some beautiful time with your family-sounds just what you needed:)

Cathie said...

wow, what a great home away from home Melanie.
hope you all are rejuvenated, very cutie pics.
have a wonderful day

Sandrine said...

How wonderful you had a great time Melanie!
Now I will have to check out all those lovely shops and won't beleive me but I have not tried them yet!!


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