Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bookcase Tour Tuesday (on a Wednesday) - Child Kimono and the Colors of Japan

"Spring is when the trees and grasses start to wake, even before the snow melts. The light green of fresh, downy young leaves, as well as the soft colors of the flowers that bloom before the leaves bud, are the typical tones of early spring. The yellow, red and purple hues of the flowers then thicken, as the leaves turn to a glossy green. The colors of spring convey all the abundant energy of life."

I had trouble photographing this book for the blog. Trouble because I love each and every page and wanted to take a shot of the whole publication. I bought it for as much of a reference book as for the eye candy. Each kimono pictured is from a single person's collection. Ahhh... how I covet that collection...

Child Kimono and the Colors of Japan is written in both Japanese and English and is part of a series. As with so much in Japanese life, it's broken into the four seasons. For each season the colours worn during those times are pictured, and their origin (often the plant/flower that produces the dye) and significance explained. It also tells of the main children's festivals of the year, the different types of kimono and common motifs.

It's so beautifully laid out and I could happily sit and just flick through its pages for hours.

And for next week, dust off your shelves... I'm giving away a book from my collection - a Japanese paper cuts pattern book. To enter, just join in Bookcase Tour Tuesday next week, and extra entries for those who have already contributed this week and last.

Bookcase Tour Tuesday

If you'd like to join in, please do at any time (any day as well). Add your link to your actual BTT post for that week (wait until you've posted it) on Mister Linky below. I have a button made, if you'd like to add it to your blog, drop me a line and I'll send the code to you.


Mel said...

*slaps hand against forehead*
I was thinking "doh" the other day, about BTT and how I wasn't sure what books I would post about. And here, sitting next to me, is a box of olde books that I picked up at the second hand shop t'other day. What am I like? ;) I shall write next Tuesday. Thank you for the reminder!

Mel said...

Oh, and meant to say, *gorgeous* book! I am so torn between loving Japanese things and Scandinavian things, I'll just have to make room for all of them!


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