Saturday, October 03, 2009

The Little Day That Couldn't

I think I'll blame the dust in the air. The dust that made me close all the doors and the window, that then made the air in the house stale and sticky. The dust that I must have breathed in and clogged up my brain.

Today was a day when things didn't work. A new design that I've been working on this week just wasn't coming together. To make it all the more frustrating, threads kept snapping in my machine (time for a service me thinks). I had a moment of wanting to be a drama queen and threw a failed piece across the room, then felt stupid for doing it.

I then played with making paper lanterns for my market display, but wasn't happy with those either.

That then had me going through my Japanese craft books for inspiration - books that I cherish, books that are usually clear enough to understand despite not reading the language (despite having lived there for six years - yeh, I know!). But not today. Today I just couldn't get it.

Today is the day that just couldn't. Tomorrow will be another day.


inoriz said...

Ganbatte ne, Melanie san!

Holly said...

You're not alone - I definitely have days like that. Good luck for tomorrow, I'm sure it will be a beter day like you said.

Hello Sweetie said...

She'll be right eh Melanie. Things will be different tomorrow. If you need any help with translation let us know.


SomedaysSarah said...

We ALL have days like that! (not that saying that makes it any easier to deal with, eh?!) But the good thing is that, as you said, tomorrow is another day. Enjoy some cuddles with your little one and don't sweat the stuff you can't do anything about!

Allie said...

I hate days like that - hope tomorrow is a better one!


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