Monday, October 19, 2009

Catch Up a la Facebook Status Update Style - Blogtoberfest Day... What day is this?

Melanie Gray Augustin has a sick husband and bub that won't nap

Melanie Gray Augustin busy, busy, busy

Melanie Gray Augustin had a great time at Brown Owls yesterday

Melanie Gray Augustin has nearly finished the photoshop tutorial and will put it on the blog soon

Melanie Gray Augustin wishes her last name was spelt with the final "e" like it's pronounced

Melanie Gray Augustin 's name isn't actually officially Melanie Gray Augustin - I will get around to changing it to that one day...

Melanie Gray Augustin has finished the Japanese Paper Dolls tutorial and will put it on the blog in the next few days

Melanie Gray Augustin is very excited that her wooden handbag handle samples arrived from her manufacturer this morning

Melanie Gray Augustin was embarrassed to answer the door to receive the samples in her pjs at 11 in the morning

Melanie Gray Augustin really wants a new sewing machine

Melanie Gray Augustin is back on Etsy

Melanie Gray Augustin promises to put her Blogtoberfest giveaway on the blog this week

Melanie Gray Augustin is joining BrisStyle

Melanie Gray Augustin tried Krispy Kreme doughnuts for the first time yesterday - liked the Very Vanilla and the Mudcake, wouldn't buy the others again

Melanie Gray Augustin had to try all the doughnuts on her own because when she arrived home with them to share with hubby, he was busy being sick

Melanie Gray Augustin should be working instead of playing on Facebook

Melanie Gray Augustin is worried about all this talking about herself in the third person...

Melanie Gray Augustin promises to return to normal style blogging soon

**Update** The fabulous Tinniegirl suggested something fun - turning this into a meme... a once off I think is enough (we don't want to be talking about ourselves in the third person too often do we...) and well, I've always wanted an excuse to put the Mr Linky thing on my blog, so... I'd love to hear about your day/week/month/life in Facebook Status format. If you do, help me play with Mr Linky and add your name. Hope you join in!


Allie said...

Oh girl you are too funny! I hope hubby gets better soon. Too funny about answering the door in your jammies - I opened my door yesterday to let the dog in, in my jammies with the legs rolled up, hair on end, fuzzy pink hoodie on and met the MAYOR. She was out campaigning. I may never open my door again!

Thea said...

At least you weren't donning a facial mask as well... I did that a couple of months ago when the postman delivered a package. I didn't wash it off because it took me so long to find the time just to put one on that I just let the postman laugh at me instead :)

Tamakikat said...

Hey there,

I enjoyed this post. Hope your hubby and baby get better soon.

New sewing machine for Christmas?

Sounds like you've been working hard and just need a breather. Good for you for taking a break:)


Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

I enjoyed this post so much. You might have a fun meme in the making. Sounds like lots of exciting things going on, and busy as always.

Soja said...

Eek, I'm often still in my pjs at 11am. And I got so fed up with my sewing machine not working properly for another weekend, that I bought a new one online last night... Hope everyone feeling better and napping well asap!

inoriz said...

I'll join your game when I think about things to write about myself. :D
Meanwhile, take good care of yourself and little one!

Guzzisue said...

may need to think about this one :-)

Cathie said...

hilarious! hope your family are better soon...but then you'll miss out on trying all the doughnuts yourself again :)
my life doesn't seem as exciting as yours to even post about it, I'm stuck thinking of what to post about today...arghhh

Anonymous said...

hope hubby gets better soon. fondly remember days of not finding the time to get out of pjs. joined your meme.


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