Sunday, March 01, 2009


It doesn't seem like that long ago that this month seemed so far off in the distance. It was too far off to get either excited, nervous, sad or all of the above about.

But now, March is here.

For me, this year, this month is a big one.

March means that I've now finished teaching. I still have a number of scattered days left at work over the next two weeks to mark exams and such, but Friday was my last day with the students. It was a lovely day and I got through it without too many tears. I was spoiled with letters and presents of thanks. I will really miss those kids.

March means that I have done my last shop at the kimono flea market for quite a while. I said my goodbyes to many of my usual suppliers and even a number of shoppers that I regularly run into there.

March means that I'm about to be another year older (tomorrow). It's a very happy and exciting birthday this year, unlike the last when I was horribly down about not being pregnant.

March means that when I talk about leaving Japan, I say "this month".

March means that I'm off on my last trip to Tokyo for a number of years (leaving in about half an hour actually). I'm so excited and can't wait to visit some of my craft shop haunts.

March means that I get to see Cirque Du Soleil. We're having dinner with one of the performers (DH's friend) tonight. DH is really looking forward to catching up with him, he hasn't seen him since we left Australia.

March means that I'll be getting to meet my gorgeous new niece for the first time. I'll get to catch up with my brother and his wife when we stop over in Cairns. I'll then see my parents in Brisbane as they come over from New Zealand to help us with the move.

March means that I'll be saying goodbye to many good friends and saying hello to many more back in Australia.

March means that we'll be moving into our new Brisbane townhouse. After living in Japan for three years, we'll feel so blessed with the extra space. I can start nesting and setting up the nursery. It also means that I get to eat many of the foods I've missed over these last few years and craved over the last few months.

March in Japan, also brings my favourite flower, ume plum blossoms, the harbringer of spring.


Chrisy said...

It's all good isn't of luck for this wonderful month...

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

What a month ahead. It sounds like an amazing time full of change, new adventure and all the emotion that goes along with it. Enjoy it and take care of yourself.

Sasparilla Sue said...

it all sounds exciting and a bit melancholy at the same time. Happy Birthday!!

Michelle said...

Happy Bday for tomorrow!

Soja said...

Happy Birthday!

Lilli boo said...

Happy Birthday for today! There is so much reflection as you go through this month, very exciting times. A wonderful month to celebrate Sukura and birthdays (I'm on the 10th!)...and beautiful image to leave Japan on!

Liesl said...

Happy birthday Melanie - hope you've had a lovely day. And best wishes for the very busy month ahead.

Red Hen (dette) said...

Gosh that's alot for one month! It sounds like it is a mixture of emotions! Good luck with it all and Happy Birthday. My Chicky Babe is 16 on wednesday!

Semsavblanc said...

Happy Birthday for the other day!! This is going to be a month to remember, isn't it? Take things easy, if you have the chance and keep smiling. You really are blessed!

Alexis Jacobs said...

This will be such a bittersweet month for you. Happy belated birthday. I hope you had a great time in Tokyo.

Jade said...

What a great post. Happy birthday for last Monday! What a month you will be having. But all good by the sounds of it!


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