Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Being Pregnant in Japan

Happy New Year! Welcome to the year of the Ox. I'm an Ox, so big things are supposed to happen to me this year. With the baby coming and a move back to Australia, I'd say that's pretty correct.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone for their congratulations on our news. We are just so happy and feel so blessed. It's funny, I conceived when doctors were busy telling me that I might not be able to.

The day I went to confirm the pregnancy, I actually had an appointment for fertility tests. In Japan, you sometimes have a lot more to do with the nurse than the actual doctor. Oh, and there isn't so much privacy. So I went to reception to hand in my clinic and insurance card.

The nurse said to me (for all to hear) "So you should be menstruating now, you're here for the fertility tests aren't you."

I replied, "Well, actually, no. I'm pregnant."

The nurse looked shocked. "Well how do you know that you're pregnant?"

Here, my Japanese failed me. I didn't know what a "home pregnancy test" was in Japanese and at that moment even the word "test" escaped me. Instead, I had to describe the actual process. My Japanese went something like this (with everyone listening in) "Well, I went to the drug store and I bought this thing, it well, it looks a bit like a pen. I pee-d on this pen-looking thing and it told me that I was pregnant."

The nurse looked a little confused for a moment before it all sunk in.

Just one of the joys of being pregnant in Japan, another of which is the fact that I'm going to be pregnant for ten months rather than nine! There have been other moments, but my dad has asked me "please don't write about those on your blog". OK, dad, for now, I'll be good.


Cindy said...

SO FUNNY, I am not sure about Dad not censoring anymore funny stories, I can only imagine the things you have been translating.

Bec said...

He he he....that's a great story. I'm sure by the end of your 'ten' months you'll have a whole host of great stories to tell :P

Hope you are feeling well (has the 2nd trimester energy spurt kicked in yet??)
Cheers, Bec

Red Hen (dette) said...

This story reminded me of the brigit jones diary scene when she was trying to get across a very similar thing while skiing!

edward and lilly said...

That's so funny! The 10 month pregnancy thing is fascinating.

Rachael Hutchings said...

Oh now you've got me wanting to hear the other stories!

Jenny said...

Too funny! I love hearing your stories. Take Care and Happy New Year to you. I am an Ox too by the way!

teresa fsw said...

Congratulations Mel! It feels great to be preggy! I'm so excited for you! Do enjoy your pregnancy as it's really nice to feel the little one swimming and doing all sorts of acrobats in your tummy! Do take very good care of yourself! ^_^

Hila said...

haha, you poor dad :)
That is so interesting though about the 10-month thing - the things you learn when you are overseas!

muralimanohar said...

Rofl! That's hilarious! :D

Year of the Ox means big things for OX?? That explains a bit..dh, ds, and I are all Oxen, and this is going to be quite a year for us! :p

Soja said...

Congratulations! Just catching up.... after reading your blog for a while it's wonderful to hear that a baby is arriving into a family where it has been so longed for - what better start to life can there be! :-)

PS thanks for the warning about the gocco supplies... the flickr group people seem to be hoping that another company will take over production at one point in the future. Fingers crossed.

flossy-p said...

hehehehe, I'm glad you didn't have to describe how you fell pregnant ;)

"well, I went with another person, who does not have boobs, into a room where you sleep, but we did not sleep..."


Karin said...

Well Wow!! Congratulations!! I am just catching up here after being away from blogland! I couldn't be happier for you!!


10 months is how I count it too.

Interesting in exploring cloth nappies?? I did 2+ years of complete cloth nappies with the bubster. Sounds crazy but I loved it!

Karin said...

That should read - interest-ED in exploring cloth nappies! LOL!!

So many fun fabrics...........that is what got me hooked.


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