Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Christmas Decorations by Edward and Lilly

Has anyone else noticed that December has already started? Is anyone else panicking? Every year, I tell myself, I'm going to be organised, I'm going to be prepared, and yet, somehow, it always sneaks up on me. I supposed at least I can use the excuse that presents are delayed in the international post....

We're on the last day of test week at school. I've done most of my marking and so can leave work early today. I think it'll be the perfect time to bring out the tree. Fake, sadly, but its fibre optic lights are very cool. One thing I meant to do this year was make some decorations. I started one day, but never quite finished.

That is why I would love to win one of these gorgeous little birds by Edward and Lilly. Drop over to her blog to enter the giveaway, or to one of her stores (links in her sidebar) if you can't wait. I pick red! How about you?


Red Hen (dette) said...

these are so cute!

Anastasia said...

arent they sweet?!

Rachael Hutchings said...

DARLING! I think Christmas is going to be interesting here at our house. I just have absolutely no energy to do much of anything! So if any decorations go up, it will likely be the handiwork of Mr. Fuji and if Christmas cards go out it will probably be the same story. But I'm sure I'll get around to making some treats. :-)


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