Saturday, September 20, 2008

The 1500 Feedback Sale

This week, my eBay feedback went past the 1500 mark, so I thought I'd have a sale to celebrate. A sale in both my stores, for just my blog and mailing list readers.

The sale runs from today until 30th September 2008. Using the code "1500 Feedback" you'll get 15% off anything from either That Japanese Feeling or Kimono Reincarnate, including auctions that end during that time, or 20% off if you purchase more than one item. Sorry, but the discount doesn't include postage, though my usual combined postage discounts do apply.

The nitty gritty stuff....

When you purchase through either of my stores, please send me a message through the store with the "1500 Feedback" code so that I can apply the discount.

I can combine postage on both stores. If buying from both stores, please let me know both of your user names (if they differ).

I will be updating both stores during the sales period. If you'd like me to hold onto purchases to see what else I list before the sale ends, I'm more than happy to do that, please just let me know. I have so much more to list, including papers.

Sometimes I have trouble applying the full discount on eBay invoices and can't change the amounts on the Etsy invoices, so I can either give you my Paypal address to send the correct total to, or refund the discount through your Paypal payment.

Hope to see you there!


Jenny said...

Oh No!!More carrots dangling! Will have to check them out:)

Rachael Hutchings said...


Soja said...

eek! I've spent the weekend pretending I hadn't read this (I'm having a no-spend month...) but I think I might have to order something - just to help you celebrate the 1500 mark - and because the fabrics are so beautiful of course! :-)

muralimanohar said...

This is so mean...I am in a serious money crunch, and then you wave THIS in my face!! :wah: lol


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