Sunday, July 06, 2008

What Made Me Smile This Week

A very generous package from Little Munchkins that included a gorgeous handmade pencil roll, all complete with Crayola pencils (I didn't even know that Crayola did pencils), crayola markers and a gorgeous little notebook.

How cute is that notebook?

Lunch in my favourite Mexican restaurant with a friend I haven't seen for ages.

New wooden getta sandals in a modern design to wear with my yukata this summer.
Finding Weis Mango Bars in a foreign food shop. Buying a box of them and sharing them with my friend after lunch.

Stumbling upon an old Aussie movie at the video shop.
The lovliest email and feedback from an Etsy customer.
Knowing that summer holidays are coming soon.
What made you smile last week?


mill said...

Is that an ice shaving machine? We used to have one of those as kids! Good for summer :)

Guzzisue said...

your parcel did :-)

CurlyPops said...

My nephews made me smile this week...they're just so sweet!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love your new sandals and the fabric used on your pencil roll! I have been smiling all weekend over my new sewing room, and from seeing "Get Smart" with my family this arvo.

Little Munchkins said...

I am glad the parcel arrived safely. Hope you like it :)

Bec said...

Wow - so many smile-inducing things!!!! I am smiling today because even though both kids have woken up with colds they are still happy and are playing nicely together...and I'm enjoying it while it lasts :P

Sasparilla Sue said...

I LOVE, not just like but LOVE those sandals!!!

Air conditioning made me smile this weekend! :)

Jacinta said...

Love your sandals. What gorgeous colours! And what a treat to receive such goodies in the post.

danica said...

Crayola! I feel like rushing out and getting some crayons right now! No wonder you're smiling :)

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

I'm glad you had lots to make you smile. There are lots of lovely things in that post.

The sunshine and feeling like I am starting to fit in with my new colleagues made me smile last week.

Amy Kerr-Menz said...

Hurrah!! Lots to smile about :)
I love your new getta - they're great! Is your yukata red as well?...and a new kakigori machine - how fun!! x.

Mimi Head said...

Lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Japan! I love it...and your new sandals.


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