Friday, July 25, 2008

Love Friday and 7489 Steps - Day 3 in Tokyo

I can't believe it's Friday already! The first week of my holidays has just flown by.

Continuing the Love Fridays theme hosted by the lovely Big Cat, I love this Friday because I'm on holidays and it was a very low key day. Worn out from the Tokyo trip, I spent much of the day sleeping in air conditioned comfort and the rest either reading, watching some TV while unpicking kimono and starting to catch up on my blog reading. A good day.

Day three in Tokyo (yesterday), started off very early and shaky. A bit after midnight, I woke to the sensation of the room swaying, a bit like sleeping in a hammock and the sound of things jumping around. It was an earthquake, centred, later I found out, in Northern Honshu. There's something about being in an earthquake. I lay there thinking "Is this the big one they've been predicting? What are the chances of me being in Tokyo just when the big one hits? I wonder how earthquake proof this hotel is? Is this going to get any stronger? This feels like it's been going a long time, when will it stop?" Funnily, I didn't think about moving into a safer position until later the next night. Luckily there wasn't too much damage in the city where it hit the worst and I hope that the injured will recover quickly.

That morning I had a "why haven't I done this before?" moment. When checking out, I arranged for some of my luggage (all the very heavy fabric and books I'd bought) to be couriered to my apartment rather than me struggle to carry it home. The large (and can I mention heavy again) bag cost under $13! I know what I'll be doing from now on.

The night before I found a pedometer in a 100 yen shop (where everything costs about $1). I thought it would be fun to see just how much walking I would do the next day. Not counting the pre- or post-craft shopping activities, it was 7489 steps, and there were quite a number of those going up and down stairs. No wonder I needed to sleep most of the day.

I'm now back at home, back with hubby before he leaves for Australia in a few days. I have so many things I want to get done these holidays, but think I'll have a few more days of downtime first.


Unknown said...

I have so enjoyed catching up with my reading of your blog and am so excited about your trip. I think the photo-less posts are builing up to some really exciting photos soon and I find myself dying to see the contents of your suitcases and so curious as to the secret squirrel flash!
Have a lovely weekend!

faz said...

that is a lot of steps!! My grandma has a pedometer and i think she is suppose to do 10,000 a day to keep active. She walks around the house in circles if she hasn't done enough by bedtime it's really funny!

CurlyPops said...

How bizzare it must have been to wake up in the middle of an
I can't wait to see all the treasures that you found on your shopping sprees!

Hila said...

wow, sounds exciting!

Nikki said...

Yuur trip sounded like a feast for the senses.... and not a bad work-out, either! That's SOME walking you did! The earthquake experience would have scared the living bejaysus out of me - and you sounded so calm!!

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

The earthquake sounds really scary. That would have worn me out and then you had all the other excitement to add to it. Rest up my friend, for sure.

Jenaveve said...

Very thought provoking post. I often wonder what it would be like to experience an earthquake. Must have been an adrenaline-pumping experience to say the least... and the lying there wondering if 'this is it?!'

I also loved the helpfulness of the stranger on the train when you were in Tokyo. And... could not help but wish I was there in the five-building craftiness. Unbelievable!!


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