Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Interview and Day One in Tokyo Without a (real) Camera

I'm so excited! Recently, I was interviewed by The Japan Times, Japan's largest English-language newspaper. My interview has just come out. You can read the interview here.

I had planned and had written (in my head and in scratchy handwriting) a nice long post about today, but now that the time comes to type it, I'm about to drop. So, instead, a quick overview...

Packing, I realised that going away for three days, I needed to pack four cords (computer, ipod, phone charger and my husbands point and shoot camera - not a REAL camera). I was tempted to bring two more, but resisted.

The hour and a half train ride flew by as I had a a recently arrived copy of MixTape (sorry, will link that soon), my ipod, a notebook, sketchbook and lots of Japanese snacks (which I didn't eat, was too busy journaling).

Did a trial-run to and at the hospital I'm going to tomorrow. Due to something very small getting lost in translation, it became a rather big matter and I was told I couldn't see the doctor tomorrow. I did my best to fight off tears. It all got sorted and all should be fine for the visit now.

Did a spot of shopping on my way to and from the hospital. Bought a cute red hat (photo soon) and a cute Russian doll pencil case.

Ate a very yummy lunch at the Crepe restaurant I first went to with Fuji Mama (again, sorry, link soon). Enjoyed the view of the cute French waiter (sorry, no photo for this one, but I was tempted) with the very cute smile, the type of smile you know he smiles at every girl, but don't really care, just as long as he's sending that adorable French smile your way as well.

Started researching, sketching, photographing and writing a new secret squirrels project.

Went to a fabulous second-hand English book shop. Bought a couple of novels, a craft book and a couple of pregnancy books. Don't actually need the pregnancy books yet, but this ex-girl guide (scout) likes to "Be Prepared".

Despite telling myself that I wasn't going to actually buy much fabric on this trip, I bought lots of fabric and had trouble bringing it back to the hotel.

On day one of my away-from-my-husband trip, I spoke to him three times on the phone.

Well, this girl is exhausted. It's now time for bed.


Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

I loved reading the interview. It was great. I love the outfit you have on in the photo.

Nikki said...

Great to read your interview and get to "know" you a bit better. Glad the Mix Tape arrived safely. And I hope the doctors visit goes well and that you're feeling better soon.

Liesl said...

A fabulous interview! I really enjoy reading your blog. Wishing you all the best for tomorrow's visit back to the hospital.

BumbleVee said...

what a great interview Melanie. It covered a lot of ground and you were given plenty of space.... that should garner a few more blog readers as well as, perhaps, some new customers..

"a new secret squirrels project"?..hmmmm that sounded intriguing ... or at the very least, a bit mysterious....

CurlyPops said...

What a great interview and a lovely day out (apart from the hospital confusion). Hmmm secret squirrel...something to do with shoes?

flossy-p said...

Sounds fantastic! Good luck at the hospital, will be thinking of you.

flossy-p said...

Hey, I'm back. Just finished reading your interview and wanted to congratulate you. It came across really well and I think it will really interest a lot of people. The photo of you is so cute! :)

I love that last question too, it's a good one.

I know it will be hard for you to leave Japan when the time comes, but I look forward to you coming back to Aust, I think we'll be able to meet up for some fish and chips in Yamba one day :)

Anonymous said...

Great interview (and photo) Melanie! Good luck with your doctor's appointment. Fingers crossed that all will go well.

Jenny said...

Wow! You are famous! Loved reading the interview. You do pack such a lot into your days-hope you are not missing your husband too much.

Jacinta said...

Just read your interview... fantastic! It was so nice to learn more about you and your journey. Congratulations.


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