Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Need Cuddles

If hubby was home, that's what I'd be saying to him right now. He'd then wrap me in his big muscley arms and for a few minutes at least, make everything good again (can you tell I miss him already).

I need cuddles because I'm still adjusting to hubby being away. It's veeeery quite in the apartment. I need to get out and talk to someone.
I need cuddles because I'm now in that yucky space between being excited about starting treatment for my thyroid and the time when I start feeling better (they say it takes a couple of weeks). I'm nervous that it won't work. I'm impatient to know if it's going to work well enough that it will once again make getting pregnant an actual physical possibility.
I need cuddles because I was so excited about my "secret squirrel" business while I was in Tokyo, but now don't know if it's going to be marketable or not. To reveal (we can call it the "not secret squirrel anymore business" if you like), I started writing a "Fabric Lovers Guide to Tokyo", hoping to publish it as a small book with reviews of the best stores, maps and information about shopping there as well as general helpful information about getting around and shopping in Japan. I now see that there are a couple of blogs doing just that (links soon, when I'm not in such a need for cuddles). I'm not sure if I should scrap the work that I've done so far, continue or look at doing it in another format. Not sure if there's a market for it or not. Any advice/thoughts would be much appreciated.


JustJess said...

*CUDDLE* coming your way! It can be heart-wrenching when that happens - the internet gets things across so speedily... But there ARE those of us that still love a good book... Hard one that - I'd say maybe look for another format? Good Luck

Michelle said...

I wouldn't give up on the book idea. I for one would be visiting Tokyo without access to a computer, so a book would come in very handy! Handier than a blog, anyway.

And here's a cuddle from me ((((cuddle))))

CurlyPops said...

Have a cyberspace cuddle from me too! ((((((cuddle))))))).
I'm with Michelle....if I was going to Tokyo to go fabric shopping, I would buy a book and take it with me. Even if I wasn;t going to Tokyo, I'd probablty still buy it just for the pictures.
I think people who love books will always buy books even though there are other ways of finding information.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

When you are travelling you do need a guide book with you with maps, train numbers etc to help you navigate a foreign City. I wouldn't give up - I am sure there is a market. Another idea would be to offer guided tours to take people around to the best places. If you are limited in time during a stop over that is the best way to see the best stores and out of the way places. Keep positive!

Lisa [strickerin] said...


I am with Lisa. Don't give up on your book.

The waiting must be difficult for your thyroid treament to kick in then of course waiting to conceive. Are you hoping to have your little one while you are still over there?

Joanne said...

Oh Melanie - how glum to be glum on your own. Take heart - it's not as bad as it first appears. Yes, there are internet guides out there, and I've been surfing a few of them since I'll be there in a few weeks (and was oddly planning a blog post of links for easy reference, and may even do a wee guide of my own when I'm back) but all the same - if it was possible to have a little book in my bag, with nice colour photos, instead of a sheaf of print outs you can bet I would. It's still a good idea. Stick with it.

Jenny said...

Any book you write will be awesome and serious fabric shoppers will need a copy for sure! Good luck with your treatment and I am sending cuddles your way too:)
Take Care

Lilli boo said...

It's all in how you look at it Melanie..Every topic has had thousands of books written about it..Interiors, fabrics, DIY, crafts, architecture,'s your point of difference that will make yours shine. You already have a captive audience with both your blogs. You have a great writing style which is why we keep coming back and I'm sure like many others I am very curious on your take on the best locations of Fabric in Japan..I tell you when I was last in Japan (2005) I would have loved a little book like that and I'll be back in Japan in the not to distant future. Just please don't lose hope. Just do it! (quote courtesay of Nike-*sorry*) It's not always about what other people are doing it's how YOU do it and knowing what little I know of you.. You'll do it exceptionally well...So DON'T disappoint yourself or us..GO FOR IT GIRL..
Oh here's (((cuddle))) from me too ( I have never cyber cuddled before! your my lucky first!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, an extra huge cybercuddle from me too, since I think I was the bearer of bad secret squirrel news! I DEFINITELY think that your book is still a great idea - I'd be wanting a book if I were going to Japan, rather than a million of blog print-outs. For me, the blogs would whet my appetite and get me thinking, but I'd still want my handy guide all in one tactile spot!
Take care of yourself Melanie, and do indulge in a little self pity when things are a little tough. Fingers crossed about your health (I once was on medication that meant I couldn't have children - after a new treatment regime I am much healthier and now have two gorgeous girls - hopefully you'll do well too). HUGS!

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

I'm sending you cuddles too. It always feels so quiet when my partner goes away. It's like the silence goes all the way to my soul somehow. You're the first person I've ever heard express a similar feeling.

I agree with others about the guide. I think when you are travelling it is great to have a hard copy. One format that I really like is the Deck of Cards format started by the woman here in Melbourne. Do you know the ones I mean. I think the website is or something like that. The deck of cards are compact and you can pull out individual cards and just carry them if you want to. Really ideal. Don't give up your dream just because others are doing similar things. I know its hard not to though.

Liesl said...

And another cuddle coming from this direction. I hope the new medication kicks in quickly for you. I think your book idea sounds wonderful ... go for it! I for one, have never been known to buy just the one book on any topic of interest!!

Soja said...

Hugs and best wishes from a stranger! I would have loved to have had a guide book like that when I was in Tokyo earlier this year, print outs from blogs just aren't the same, I agree with the other comments here....and it would have made a lovely souvenir after the sounds like a great idea to me. And you will get the right medical treatment eventually and then you will feel better, hold on. :-)

Anonymous said...

so much has already been written, but as an ex-marketer you need to consider who your audience is. As bloggers perhaps we are more computer literate, and doing more online research........but would still like a handy reference to take with us. But what about other audiences who would be looking for fabric but aren't bloggers.....have you considered more than fabric.....I am a beader as well and Japan does the most beautiful beads. I am also into sashiko stitching and the list goes on.
Apart from considering your audience and segmenting them and thinking what they would want if you have competition in this area you need to think what yr point of difference what is your unique spin, what would u do differently to them...what are your areas of expertise that you can play on. What are your strengths...what are their weaknesses (could do a conventional SWOT analysis)
There was an article on BBC about an englishwoman running shopping tours for tourists ( but u r planning to come back shortly)
I think that's enough for now....happy to correspond by email

Anonymous said...

You definitely should do your book. I've done a guide on my blog and yet I would still totally buy a book. You have a lot of knowledge and experience and you're right on the spot. Just find your niche and go for it!

Guzzisue said...

((((((((((Hugs)))))))) on the way from the UK

Anonymous said...

I agree! Don't ditch the book idea. A small, perhaps moleskine sized book, with place names and streets written in japanese, would be invaluable. I for one, though I read blogs, and know of a couple you might have seen, AM NOT going to print out a jumble of pages and try to figure out what is close to what, etc. I don't have the time or patience for there is a market for your idea.
Also,thanks for your cool blog =)

Anonymous said...

Don't ditch the book idea! I visited Tokyo earlier this year and did a LOT of hunting for in formation on the internet before I went. It would have been so much easier witha book full of all the fabric loving information I needed. Also add some Japanese words for things like fabric, sewing and patchwork. I'd have found this helpful when checking with the locals that I had the right directions.
Kind regards
Fiona. New Zealand.

Anastasia said...

if it helps heres a virtual cuddle!!
i agree - go for it! people love Japanese craft books and fabrics..dont forget the in between fabric shop coffee breaks...and where to have some snacks - I myself cant wait to visit Tokyo!

Hila said...

oh poor you, I know how you feel. I'm on my own at the moment too and I hate it - our place got broken into last year, and ever since then, I hate being alone during the night time. So a big cuddle from me :) I wish I could help you with all your woes.

muralimanohar said...

What they all said. :) First the big old hugs...and then YES, keep going with the book! A pocketsize, thorough guide to fabric, crafts, beads, with mini maps, and other handy information for getting around, etc, would be AWESOME!! Esp with your firsthand experience, you could tell all the little tips and tricks for getting there, or for speaking to the shopkeepers to find what you want, etc etc! I know *I* would love a book like that...esp after spending time surfing the net, and having to shuffle a million print outs, and then trying to decipher the best routes to maximize shopping in minimum time (you will, of course, cross reference for districts, right?? So we can hit as many as we can without crisscrossing the city?? lol) I think it's an AWESOME idea. :p

Semsavblanc said...

Hi Mel
I bet you must be feeling a bit better now with all these hugs. I'm sending you one too and making it as real as possible over the www.
The book idea? - We will buy one!! I have been asking my husband if we can "try and find some of these craft and fabric stores in Tokyo that Melanie Gray has been talking about on her blog". He didn't even know they existed even though he has been to Tokyo countless times. What real man would though?
I'm sure your hubby is sending you millions of cuddles from afar and all his love too. Isn't it funny how us 'totally independent' girls so easily give it all up when we find a man who wants to love us to bits? Nothing feels better!
God bless you.

flossy-p said...

here's a big (((((((((squeeze)))))))))) from me too.

Hey, I've tagged you. That might take your mind off your woes for a while. I hope you enjoy it

Anna-Lisa said...

wow - looks like I'm the 23rd person offering a big warm hug. The not knowing stage is the worst when it comes to health issues - it's torture!!

Stick with the plan for the book. There's tonnes of people who don't read blogs - and it sounds like it would be a really nice object to have.

Good luck with the treatment!!

Ayama-chan said...

2 delurks in one evening. One huge hug to you!!! Being ill and wanting to have a baby really does suck. From someone who has been there another hug and hope. One Monday morning when you least expect it, you will think, 'Why does the smell of (insert food here) make me want to heave anything and everything I have ever eaten?', the penny drops and it is the best feeling ever. We had given up hope having our own children and were enjoying being Auntie/Uncle and when we least expected it, it happened for us. I commented on your fabric lovers guide in your latest post but meant to earlier. Good luck with it and I am a firm order. ;D

I'll ask again, where did you come across secret squirells???

Jenaveve said...

Typically I have done things in the reverse order by reading this after the 'giveaway' post, but I wanted to say 'good luck' with the treatment. I can honestly understand your frustration and worry about the health and pregnancy aspect of it, and truly wish you all the best.

Massive hug from across the waves!

teresa fsw said...

Here's a {{cuddle}} from me to you, Melanie! Don't worry. You'll be fine.

It's a great idea that you want to make it into a book. Besides compiling the lists into a book, you could have it as a map with the photos and details of the shops located in the map, print them onto cards kept in a small case or bind them into a swatch like a Pantone colour swatch.

Have fun brainstorming! ^_^

Lauren said...

A book would be a fabulous idea! Put me down for a copy! Good Luck with your treatment too :-)

Belinda said...

If it's the blog I'm thinking about I wouldn't let it put you off. The whole reason it was created in the first place was to collate all the info that's out there and jot it down in one place. Personally, when I travelled to Tokyo last year. I found the whole process of planning my crafty itinerary very time consuming. The other thing is if you only have limited time you don't want to be wasting it on searching out places that are now closed. The fact that your living in Japan would at least mean the info is current.

Good luck with the Thyroid, I sufffer from Hypothyroidism as well as PCOS. So I've been down a similar path when I was trying to fall pregnant. In the end I used Clomid for one and IVF for the other. Once you regulate your thyroid you will know better where you stand pregnancy-wise. All the best!


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