Friday, July 04, 2008

Flickr Finds - Softies

I'm quite obsessed with softies at the moment. Here are some that are in my Flickr Favourites.

1. mamas with babies2, 2. Detalhe, 3. Time, 4. Made by anjoºcustódio, 5. kitty_girl_face, 6. Violeta nº 0, 7. Pocket dolls, 8. Anniversary Beanie Pair, 9. Handhelds: Binky Buddy No.27, 10. Violeta nº 2, 11. Madonna, 12. Sparke the Shmerpi Creature (#50), 13. grumpy clara, 14. Owl Softie, 15. saint anthony.003, 16. custodinha.013, 17. Give away: enter by Feb 3rd!, 18. Petronilla Oetingerilla, 19. Razorrr (front), 20. Peperine (front), 21. Mushroom House: Red, 22. Gold Mooshon, 23. I spook me, 24. Woodland Girl Pippi, 25. Xana & Brownie


Bec said...

Ooooh, so much gorgeousness there. LOVE that mushroom house :)

Jacinta said...

This is a gorgeous collection of images - and yes, very inspiring. There are so many creative people out there!
Of course, you are one of them, and continue to inspire with all your posts.
Have a lovely week-end.

Unknown said...

How nice to see a couple of shots of my matroshkas here in such good company!

JustJess said...

I really love the red mushroom/toadstool! Very cute.


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