Sunday, June 08, 2008

This is... my favourite travel memory

Wow! This was another hard theme, but this time, to choose just one. I'm so proud of myself, not only did I choose only one, but actually only part of one!

I'd have to say, one of my favourite travel memories was my trip to Sapa in the northern mountains of Vietnam last year.

I've kind of cheated and taken excepts from my other blog, from when I wrote about it then.

This was the view from our breakfast spot on the first two mornings there.

"Day 3 Vietnam - Mee and See, my new H'Mong friends

The landscape in Sapa gives off such an amazing old energy. I could have just
watched the mountains for hours with it continual dancing behind mist and
clouds. Met many H'mong girls, a tribe that live in extreme poverty and continue to wear their traditional indigo dyed and embroidered costumes. We were adopted by a couple of the girls who told us a bit about their lives and showed us around the town."

Wayne being mobbed by Black Hmong girls selling their wares.

Our boots after the first day's hike.

Day 4 Vietnam - It's a good thing my husband is not a jealous man...

I spent much of the day holding the hand of a man who wasn't my
husband. We trekked from the township of Sapa into a couple of the villages.
What is usually a good walk in the dry season was very hard in the wet, sliding
down slippery clay slopes. Due to the difficultly of the terrain in many areas, the guide held my hand for much of the way. We visited a Black H'Mong village and saw the poverty that these happy friendly people live in. We stayed overnight in a Day (pronounced Zay) village in a farmhouse.

About to start the second day of trekking.

Day 5 - Heaven, Hell and my Vietnamese Angel

The trek was harder than the day before due to more heavy rain and the fact that I had twisted my knee. The view was breathtaking but the hike was hell. My
fabulous guide literally carved out mountains for me so that I could make it down the steep slippery clay slopes without getting covered from head to toe in mud.
By the end, I was only covered on one side. We visited a Dao (pronounced Zao)

I don't want to overload this post with text, but if you'd like to read more about the trip, I've written more about it here and more about the textiles here.
Thank you to Hila of Your Cover’s Blown for a great This is… theme this week.


Jacinta said...

What an incredible trip and amazing photos. Travel in other countries is so beautiful when you get to meet the locals and spend time in their company. They hold such special memories.

Love your breakfast time view!

Michelle said...

What an amazing story, and such beautiful photos!

Bec said...

Wow - your favourite travel memory is SO much more exciting than mine. This looks wonderful. I feel very unadventurous in comparison....I've never even been overseas!!! One day I hope to though :)

Lilli boo said...

Another inspiring trip..I love the idea of doing something that takes you out of your comfort zone. The photos alone are worth it...and I definitely agree with Jacinta, interacting with the locals is very important. Vietnam has been on my travel list for a's must now.

Sasparilla Sue said...

The land is sooooo beautiful! The people sound amazing too. I've just added Vietnam to my list of places to go (that list is getting longer and longer the more blogs I read).

Hila said...

You could be a travel guide writer! I love this post and the photos are amazing. So it looks like Vietnam is another one to put on my list of places to go!
Thanks for your comment on my travels, I'm glad you enjoyed this week's theme :)

Jenny said...

Now I've read all this again you have made me want to go even more and I too think you would make a great travel writer!

mill said...

Looks like you had an amazing trip. The people in Vietnam all seem so friendly too! I'm planning on visiting Vietnam one day...

Anastasia said...

what beautiful photos - love the lush green countryside...stunning!! its always great to be amongst the locals!

Nikki said...

Hmmm.. I think I need to get out more. I'm such a lazy "no hard work or mud" kind of traveller and you put me to shame!! What an amazing holiday - with great memories and lush lush photos!!

Lisa [strickerin] said...


I look forward to reading more. Must have been a bugger twisting your knee on the trek.

flossy-p said...

WOW, that trip looks breathtakingly beautiful. I would have taken a billion photo's I'm sure. It's so cute that the guide literally held you hand the whole way, what a sweetheart.

That photo with the orange clay, green green fields, and mountains in the background is incredible!

Hana said...

What an amazing cultural experience that trip would have been. The land looks so lush- beautiful photos.

Lilli boo said...

Hi Melanie,
Thank you for comment..In regards to Takayama, yes we lovde staying there. We attended the Sakura Festival when they bring out all the floats, it was a magical night. They also have the most amazing local food and crafts. We couldn't get over how beautiful the breakfasts were with the Miso paste frying over a flame to be eaten with fish, eggs and lettuce...and the handcrafts *adore* I picked up some of my favourite purchases from Takayama. When we have the opportunity to travel to Japan again I will certainly be visiting Takayama. Enjoy your stay....

Michelle said...

Wow, how amazing! And your so brave - how on earth did you manage with a twisted knee!

Little Munchkins said...

What a lovely place and lovely pics too.

Oh and you should check out my blog :)

danica said...

This is a fabulous post! Your descriptions and photos are simply wonderful. I loved reading it :)


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