Wednesday, June 11, 2008

And the winner is....

Wow! I was pleasantly surprised at all the entries. I loved reading every single comment on the blog on people's ideas about finding balance in life. For me at the moment, a couple that I'm going to try to put into practice is the idea of doing things in 15 minute blocks and making lists. Once I'm feeling better, I can start using some other ideas as well. I'll let you know how I go!

So, there were 161 entries in all. There were 65 Etsy hearts from the competition period, so they were numbered 1 to 65. The blog commenters started at number 66 (and any double-ups were taken out). The random number generator picked.....

So that means that the winner is Guzzisue who wrote;

"I never have enough hours to sew but I use my biker social life and interests to counteract my unintersting work life.( given the british weather, I get to spend weekends in muddy fields all over the country !!)"

This chick is a biker textile artist. How cool is that! So Guzzisue, drop me a line with your postal address, and I'll be sending a package your way very soon.

Sorry to those who didn't win, but I will try to hold a giveaway every couple of months, so good luck for then!


Guzzisue said...

just wanting to say thank you very much!! ( I've been lurking round you blog for ages, fascinated by the totally different lifestyle in Japan)

zoesquid said...

Hi Melanie,
Thanks for sharing the custom random number generator link. Now I'll know what to use tommorow night when I draw my winner. Thanks also for your lovely thoughts and comments at zoesquid.

flossy-p said...

oooh, congratulations Guzzisue!

BumbleVee said...

belated congrats to Guzzi... I just found your blog through hers and am having a fun read checking out the back entries... love your silver crane.... I use self covered buttons for faces for little pin I go...having a great time looking at your blog Melanie...hope you feel much better ..and soon!


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