Saturday, May 03, 2008

Happy Golden Days

It's officially Golden Week now in Japan. Golden Week is a run of public holidays that sometimes, depending on the days of the week they fall, end up in a week off. This year however, it's more "Golden Days", not that I'm complaining, I have a four day weekend!

AND, I'm doing something very exciting, I'm opening my Etsy store! I'm busy working on it now, and just taking a quick break. Watch this space for more news....

There won't be much relaxing going on over the weekend. After getting the store up and the eBay listing done for the weekend, we've planned a shopping trip into the "big city", Nagoya, and then I'm preparing the apartment for the coming summer. That's always a big job as I put heaters away, get fans out, winter clothes away, lovely light summery things out.

The weather is just glorious today. A sunny spring day, floral scents in the air and more than a hint of the summer to come.

So, once again, I'll leave you with a spring photo, this time of one of the floats from a festival a couple of weeks ago. Hope the day is just a beautiful in your part of the world!

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