Friday, March 07, 2008

Making My Day

I keep saying that my life is going to slow down soon, but that was yet another busy week! I'm now a year older than I was when I posted on this blog last. The birthday spoiling started at school on the Friday with lovely presents from a teacher, some friends and a student (the same one that wrote the calligraphy piece hanging on my studio wall).

For the weekend, to celebrate both my birthday and our wedding anniversary, hubby and I went to an amazing seaside resort with the most wonderful view. On the Sunday, we caught up with a friend of mine and visited one of Japan's most sacred shrines and then went to a chocolate cafe! Yum!

I got home to presents from hubby - a silver jewellery making kit! Ahh... great to see that my crafty pursuits haven't driven him nuts yet! I haven't had a chance to play with it yet, but can assure you I'll be blogging about it when I do.

Recently, to make life even more wonderful, I've been given a couple of You Make My Day awards. I'm both late and super, super late with acknowledging them sorry!!

The first one came from the delightful La Fuji Mama. She's a fellow foreigner living in Japan, but unlike me, she's in the big city. She knits (I wish I could knit), she cooks, she bakes, she raises the cutest little girl and she blogs. I can only do the last on that list.... I really don't know how she fits it all in! Thank you!

The second one came from the fabulous Lisa from U Handbag. I have kind of adopted Lisa as my craft business guru and worry sometimes that she may feel stalked by me as I avidly read and comment on both her U Handbag and Craft Boom blogs. Thank you!

So, I'd now like to pass this award onto some other people that make my day;

Daisy Chain whose blog I always enjoy even if I'm insanely jealous of her daily walking spot.

Mizu Designs who is a really talented print maker that has lived in Japan, studied and uses the traditional woodblock printing method.

Moyou who has also lived in Japan (there are a few of us aren't there?) and has just taken the big and exciting leap of starting her own business.

Dream Big, Live Large, my Artful Life a woman with a wonderful eye and some fabulous red Mary Janes.

Buttnaked Baby who is being super patient with me taking so long to reply to her 7 Random Things tag and whose travel document wallet tutorial I'm dying to try out (only a week and a half until I fly to the sunny Australian shores - so I'd best get a move on with that one!)

There were so many other people I wanted to give this award to, some of them have received it recently. But basically, I'd really like to give this award to all of the wonderful people that take the time to read my little blog and thank you for being kind enough not to point out the obvious - that recently, I've been doing far more shopping than creating.... Thanks everyone, you make my day!


Joanne said...

It looks like the most wonderful place to spend a birthday. I'm drooling at that view!

Very much looking forward to seeing the results of the silver kit :)

Rachael Hutchings said...


mizu designs said...

oh my thank you so much. i'm honoured.

Jenny said...

I too feel very honoured that you thought of me for one of the people to give the award to-thank you so much, I am very chuffed!! Happy birthday to you-it sounds as though you had a wonderful time!:)

Amy Kerr-Menz said...

*ooh!!* I was so excited to visit your blog today and catch up on your adventures. You have been busy!

Happy Happy Belated Birthday!! It sounds as though you had a wonderful time. The view from your hotel last weekend is just beautiful! I can completely understand why you would still wish to be there.

I'm also super excited and very touched that you would think of me when passing on the award. Thank you so much x.


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