Sunday, February 24, 2008


Yah! One quick google search and I have my photoshop problem fixed! I really should be in bed now, but couldn't sleep knowing that my photoshop wasn't working. Pretty sad hey?

While I didn't get anything new made today, I did get a piece finished (I'm too embarrassed to tell you what it was because then you'd know just how late in the making it was...) and I got my office/studio cleaned. I can see the floor again! I've also started cutting out a Hobo bag to make. I'm a little scared as it has a zip, I'm so scared of zips.....

So to celebrate the return of photoshop, I thought I'd quickly do the post intended for earlier today.

I've been drooling over the work by the fabulously talented Allison of Tigerlillyshop for a while now. How could I not love her, she makes rings from kimono fabric! And big chunky rings at that, I love big chunky rings! I was delighted when she contacted me a little while ago asking if I might have any fabric suitable for her work. After a big resounding yes, I suggested a swap, some of my fabric for some of her rings.

These are the gorgeous pieces that came in the post. Each piece a perfect little work of art. Can you see the eye peeking out at you in the second ring from the front, right... that's a Geisha!

Ignoring my crocodile skin hands (too many years working in a photographic darkroom), just how fabulous are these rings! I love how I can wear the two of these together, as the top one slots perfectly over the other.

I really wish I could wear this whole collection at once. Aren't they just so cool! My photos really don't do them justice, but you can see them better on Tigerlillyshop’s Flickr page.

On that note, it's now time for me to go to bed... my husband is already planning tomorrow's acupuncture treatment - I'm going to be a pincushion!


Jenny said...

Wow!!!They are amazing and beautifully made-lucky you!!

Anonymous said...

love these ring. thanks for sharing - i'll be trying to hunt some of those down... (the trick will be to find some LARGE enough to fit my rather "practical" *ahem* man *cough* hands...)


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