Monday, January 07, 2008

Store Stuff

I've just had a busy couple of days sorting, sorting fabrics and store items. I've just updated the store. I've got some gorgeous new tins and some funky new retro origami paper just to name a few.

I've promised Wayne I'll come to bed before 3am tonight. I love staying up and working late at night. It's strange, it's like my creative brain doesn't wake up until 9pm and when I can, I love to run with it through the night. Not something you can do when you have to be at work at 8am though. I start back at school in a few days and really have to get my body clock back in line.

But just before I go to bed... I found some funky new tools to use with digital photos and flickr. I made this mosaic using this site, they have lots of other fun stuff to play with too.... a very fun way to pass the time....

But for me, I'd better get off to bed!

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Jenny said...

I am supposed to be cleaning ready for visitors but instead I've been playing with the mosaic maker and others-cool!!I think we need more hours in our day! I can't believe you have to be thinking of going back to school again already-I guess you have a big holiday in the middle of the year-holidays rule!!


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