Friday, December 07, 2007

My first ever Etsy buy!

I'm new to Etsy, I only discovered that magical place a little while ago through other people's blogs and Flickr accounts.

There are so many gorgeous things on there that I've been drooling over, but until we'd decided what we were doing next year, I was on a very tight budget. That decision by the way, is that we're staying in Japan for one more year. While we're very happy about the decision and the opportunities it means, I spent much of the weekend feeling quite sad about putting off our baby plans, and so wasn't really up to blogging or making anything.

Today, I found Rosie Music and instantly fell in love with her work. I rushed over and bought this piece, Too Shy No.3. I can't tell you what it is about this piece that speaks to me, but it does. Maybe the mystery of what this girl looks like under the mask.

Today, I'm at home and everything is going very slowly. I have caught yet another cold, I seem to pick them up really easily here, yet I don't back in Australia. I went to work yesterday with a very sore throat, taught three classes and promptly lost my voice. I now have nothing! If I strain really hard (which I really shouldn't), I can manage a faint whisper. Somehow, that's not very useful for an English Communication teacher. My husband however, I think is enjoying the quiet, he knows I can't nag him about anything this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Melanie! I loved your blog entry, I truly hope you like your Print and that things get much better!
Oh reject that cold! you're a super girl in a super town,,, enjoy every single detail! I'd looove to be there!
p.s. I'll incluide some little freebies hope will cheer you up a lil lil bit ^_^
Thanx again.

Jenny said...

Wow! Love this print-watch out Etsy can become very addictive and time consuming and expensive! A bit like ebay! Hope you are feeling much better


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