Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Latest Shopping Trip

Now that the gorgeous autumn weather is setting in, we thought it was a perfect time to head to a flea market and replenish our dwindling stocks for our eBay store.

This trip turned up some wonderful obis, one of which is pictured left. Interestingly enough this time we were drawn to a number of boys' items. Mmm... wondering if the other Mel is baking a boy in that big belly of hers..... I also love the crane theme in Japan, so we found a few more crane pieces and a lovely fabric with the Japanese baby design.

We also found a new stall that was very attractive despite the grumpy old man holding it. It has some gorgeous single pieces of fabric that would have come from a kimono so stunning that I wouldn't have been able to bring myself to unpicking it. I have kept a piece for myself to use as a feature in a skirt. I'll upload a picture of the skirt once it's made.

We'll start listing this obi and some of our more recent finds on our eBay store from this Sunday, 24th September. You can find our store on:

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Crafty Japan said...

Mmmm, am lovin keeping you guessing ;)


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